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The French trade mark Citroen is one of the greatest in the automobile history. It is not about elitism of the brand or about its sport achievements, it's about how many times this company's experts were ahead of time.

The first automobile manufactured by the French was introduced in 1919 and in two years after that Citroen presented the first off-road vehicle Citroen Half-track in history.

Citroen - Charming Classic

1934 was marked by one more French company's novelty. It was a world first series model featuring front-wheel drive named Citroen Traction Avant that was moreover one of the most beautiful classical automobiles.

In 1946 a completely different automobile, such an ugly duck Citroen 2CV continued conquering Europe that managed to rise from postwar ruins. This car that had been in production for almost half a century won the hearts of millions.

Citroen DS occupies a special place in the range of the models produced under Citroen brand name. Citroen DS made its debut in the remote 1954 however even today it looks like an automobile from the future. Not a single automobile had ever been ahead of time to such an extent.

When ten years after the automobile was introduced the creators of a famous film about Fantomas' adventures were looking for the right vehicle for this evil genius Citroen DS was unrivaled.

Citroen - Pursuing a Preemptive Tactic

It isn't the automobile's appearance that the 'preemptive tactic' consists in because technical novelties hidden in this futuristic body are of greater importance. There one can mention front headlamps that turn as the automobile wheels turn. This detail is more and more often found in various automobile manufacturers' press-releases however take into consideration the year we live in and the year when Citroen designers first used this novelty (that is 1967).

Citroen automobiles are bright and romantic besides they stand out against a background of grey mass of featureless, boring, and pragmatic cars. However they boast of all the necessary qualities that make an automobile up-to-date, these are safety, economy, and comfort.

We are glad to hail all French automobiles' fans as well as those who are more prone to criticize these automobiles on our site. As it is known it is controversy that engenders truth therefore we will be glad to know any opinion. We ask you to join us in updating this resource and to help to create a really complete and objective Citroen 'encyclopedia'.

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